About libMemcached


Libmemcached was created by Brian Aker and was designed from day one to give the best performance available to users of Memcached. Attention to network and memory issues was made when creating the driver. Options exist in the driver to nearly any parameter imaginable.

Since its creation it has been adopted by sites such as Yahoo, Twitter, Baidu, Mixi.jp, and many other leading web properties. libMemcached has also been adopted outside of the web where it is used in custom caching services in industries as divergent as Oil exploration and Medical research.

Since the creation of the “memcapable” tool in 2009, the libMemcached project has pushed for protocol standards and is used as the reference for whether Memcached appliances are certified for Memcached usage.

Development continues around libMemcached today where work is being done to further extend Memcached usage into the enterprise.